When I was a 16 year old girl I let my younger brother play doctor with me, I did this because I found out he was playing doctor with the girl next door Linda. So it was my idea that he should play with me instead, over the next few weeks our innocent game of doctor turned into us having sex. After the first time he did it with me I was just amazed how good it felt, now years later I can not stop myself. I find myself wanting to do every time I see him. There is some thing so addicting about incest that I can’t help it and he knows that. I know that this is totally wrong but I get so damn horny thinking about what he has does with me every time we’re alone. As soon as I can him alone, I just love to put my short robe on over my bra and panties, then I can walk around in front of him and tease him and let him get a quick look at my bare legs. There is just something so sexy when I’m wearing my short robe and I know my brother can see what color panties in have on under it. When my brother has enough of my teasing he makes me sit down on his lap, then he opens my robe so he can see my cleavage and put his hand on my bra! Then he unties my robe and takes it off of me so and makes me sit on his lap with nothing on but my bra and panties! Then he starts feeling me up and unhooks my bra so he can play with my bare breasts, as soon as my nipples get hard, he pulls my panties down and puts his hand between my legs and plays with my pussy. He knows when he takes my cloths off I’ll get so horny that I’ll do anything he wants me to. I just can’t stop myself, once my cloths and I’m naked with him all he has to do is ask and I’ll do anything he wants me to. Sometimes he’ll want straight sex, other times he’ll tell me to give him a blow job! my brother was the first one I ever tried 69ing with, and he was the first one I let come in my mouth, I even learned how to swallow while having oral sex with him! And my brother was the first one I ever let do it in my butt! When we have straight sex my brother always wears a condom so I know he won’t get me pregnant. I do have boyfriend and I do have sex with him but I don’t get as horny when I with him then when I do it with my brother. Now years latter I’m still addicted to my brother I want to have sex with him every time I see him.

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1. Enough brother and sister fantasies! Get yourself a proper girlfriend, what are you, redneck fucking idiots?

2. 16 year old girls don't play doctor.

3. Nice fantasy, bro. Sounds like a guy wrote it. Now go out and get some real pussy pencil dick.

4. Keep doing him bareback up your ass.

5. My sister and myself often get into bed together late on a night. And we fuck each other like horny rabbits. I dont even bother to wear a condom. Because i prefer to squirt my cum deep inside her pussy. Im hoping i make her pregnant soon as im fucking her i hold onto her tits and fuck her doggy style. That way i can get right up inside her wet pussy with my cock cream. She loves kissing me too and wrapping her legs and arms around me as i lay on top of her fucking her in the missionary position.

6. Keep on riding on your brothers cock. Thats what your lovely wet pussy is for. Im fucking my own sisters too. Its great having sex on tap.

7. Ride his cock and let him cum in you. If you time it right you wont get pregnant.

8. Every day three times a day i pump my seed into my sisters pussy. Its the best sex i have ever had in my entire life. We both enjoy it and dont want to have sex with anyone else now. We are soon going to move into an appartment together. So we can openly continue with our love for each other. Even when shes on her period she will pull and suck my cock for me. Thanks sis.

9. Get as much family cock as you can while you are young. And just dump your boyfriend and then have some babies together with your loving brother.

10. A pussy can accommodate many cocks. So why shouldnt one of them be your brothers. After all hes close family and you love him too. I love my sister as shes very accommodating too with her sexual favours. I just say to her Sis would I really like a (Pot.) of tea. Pussy on tap. Thats what I call her. And shes say to me I would just love a sausage sandwich too. Our mother came in and caught us in bed one day. And she couldnt believe how much we love fucking each other.

11. I am 22 year old and even I had a sex with my brother when I was 16 .our parents had gone out.I was alone sleeping in mybedroobedroom. My brother came and was playing with my boob.I don't know how I became.nude.it was sexy experience for me.I allowed him to do so.he also became nude.he gave his clock in my hand and started inserting his middle finger in my vagina.it had become slippery and wet.then he sucked my nipples.by the time he told me to.spread my legs and inserted his cock in my vagina.it was painful.I was crying. After some time he removed his cock.there was blood coming out from my vagina.

12. I have been fucking my sister since she was 12, and I was 14. We have both been married and divorced, and still got together when we could. We are both divorced now, and her pussy still feels like the first time I fucked her.

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