My sister and I started having sexual encounters when we were in high school. My sister got it started by coming into my room and asking me if I wanted her to squeeze the pimples on my face. I agreed and my sister laid down across me and squeezed my pimples and pushed her boobs into my face! The next time she came in my room as soon as she was on top of me I slipped my finger inside of her blouse and to my suprise my sister acted like nothing was happening as I used my finger to explore around inside of her blouse. Then I got daring and slid my finger down inside of her bra cup so I could feel her boob she just smiled at me and let me explore.

The very next day my sister came to my room and asked me if I wanted her to take care of my pimples again. As soon as my sister got into position on top I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra so I started gently squeezing my sisters boobs. After a few minutes my sister sat up and unbuttoned a few of the buttons on her blouse then she laid down and I slid my hand into the opening and felt my sisters bare boobs. After I had my hand inside my sisters blouse and she let me squeeze her bare boobs my sister told me "unbutton my blouse for me" I did what she asked then my sister told me "take it off for me" after I took my sisters blouse off she started whispering to me and instructed me how I to use my finger tip to gently rub around her nipple and "make her feel good" when I did this my sisters nipple stood up erect! I could tell she liked this so I got both of my sisters nipples nice and hard,my sister sat up a little and pushed her right breast right into my mouth and told me “suck it!” I did what she wanted and she liked it!

My sister came back a the next few days in a row and I knew she enjoyed how I played with her boobs and sucked on her nipples!

Then one day when my sister came to my room she had bath towel wrapped around her, I could see that she was braless because she had the towel wrapped around her so just a hint of her nipples showed above the towel and the towel was just short enough so I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties either. My sister stood there in the door way and posed for me before she got in bed with me then she whispered in my ear "are you going take my towel off for me?" I cautiously opened the towel for her and seen my sister was bare naked! First looked her over then I played with her boobs and made sure her nipples hard. My sister whispered to me "You can touch me anyplace you wanted to! Go ahead I know you to!" so I moved my hand down to her belly to her start of her pubic hair and ran my fingers around in her pubic hair, after a minute my sister put her hand on mine and held my hand still then she started starting moving her hips in a slow sexual rhythm while she told how good my hand felt down there. I could feel my sisters legs spreading as she slowly raised her knees up. Then she put pushed my hand down between her open legs! I let my sister put my hand were she wanted it and I could feel a warm wetness radiating from within her. Then my sister bashfully whispered instructions to me and told me how I could use my finger to “make her real feel good!” if I wanted to!I was a willing student and my sister really enjoyed my attention to the details so in a few minutes of using my finger in her I made my sister came to her first full sexual climax!

Because of my sisters willingness to teach me sex education even though we’re in our thirties now we still enjoy having sex with eachother. When my sister comes to town as as I soon as I open the door and give her a hug she teases me by whispering in my ear “Incest is Best!” she knows that before she leaves town we're going to end up in bed.

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1. Amazingly hot and surprisingly this didn't make my bullshit meter go off. You should tell us about when you first screwed her.

2. Yeah really hot story. Too bad it was your sister. That kind of spoils it in a way. Though I would never touch my sister, I used to watch her and her boyfriend having sex. They had no idea I was peeking. I felt a little guilt at doing that but not guilty enough that I would ever let a chance pass by. I remember how grossed out I was watching them go down on each other. Little did I know until I tried that when I got older. One of my favorite things now.

3. The first time I had intercourse with my sister was a few weeks later. I can remember her telling me when I was going to climax “Don’’t pull it out! I want to feel you come in of me! Ohh! Fuck Me!” then both of us came to climax at almost the same time and it was the best sex act ever! We still talk about how good it felt to do it together!

4. Oh, that's just GREAT. Now I have a pimple-popping fetish; thanks a lot! Where the hell am I going to find that kind of porn?

5. This story is bullshit. This fucking loser just posts all these stories that are lame and untrue. I bet he has never even had sex before. What a fucking dickhead

6. Keep popping your cock and cum inside your sister. And let her squeeze her pussy around your cock whe shes popping your spotty pimples for you.

7. Fuck your sister till she cant walk.

8. Go on now and give her some of your babies. You can tell thats what she secretly wants most.

9. I have been fucking my sister and cuming inside her for a while now. She always tells me not to cum inside her un-protected pussy. But i said you'll be alright my sperm wont make you pregnant because we are brother and sister its not compatable with your egg. She believes me and so far she hasnt got pregnant to me yet. But when im cuming inside her im always secretly hoping that some of my sperm will knock her up and fertilize her egg soon.

10. Sit on her back and slip your cock in her crack. And let her crawl around the floor. When she moves around on the floor you wont even need to fuck her. Because the movement between you and her will make your balls tighten up. And then you'll soon be filling her pussy with your seed.

11. I was 17 and my sis was 20 and divorced She came into my room while I was jacking off to one of my girlie magazine, looking at all the juicy pussy and firm tits. She said "Oh, let me help you!" and started pumping my cock, and the more she stroked it, the hotter she became. She took everything off, laid down on the bed and said "Do it to me, I need it so bad!" I stuck my cock all the way inside her wet pussy and made her cum in about 12 strokes. I came inside her and she thanked me and said "I'll be back tonight when everyone's asleep!"

12. You now want to start having children with your sexy sister. Before you both get too old. And take her on holiday soon and move into a single bedroom apparment together. I take my sister on holiday to the nudist beaches in the South of France. And i also take her camping sometimes. And when we book into hotels abroad we sign the register using the same surname. And we ask them for a cheap double room. And tell them we havent got much money because we've just got married. They fall over themselves to make my sister and myself comfortable. If they only knew that i am fucking my own sister. They'd probably throw us out on the street and our luggage aswell. Ha ha.

13. Incest is fucking retarted you should all die along with childmolesters and rapest. DIE ALL OF YOU FAGGOTS

14. Fuck your sister till she cant stand

15. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

16. Oh yes i want to fuck my little sister oh oh oh yes shes so sweet i want to lick her till she cums oh oh oh god im cumming in her now ohhhhhh god its so goooood

17. Yes i fucked my little stepdaughter it was fantastic i fucked her while i stood up with her legs wrapped around me i pumped her up and down then laid her on the bed and shot the biggest load of cum in her i had ever shot in my life ohhh god it was sooooo goood she licked my cock when i was done and said i want to do this again its so much FUN

18. My dick was hard the entire time i was reading that

19. How many fucking pimples do you have. What are you? A fucking pizza face?

20. Fuck cats first then sis licks it up

21. Get her into and having animal sex too. If shes willing you can then turn her into a Nymphomaniac. And you cold take turns fucking her with the dog.

22. #1, #5, I dont know,I think I probably would call bullshit on that. Doesnt mean that I was notpumping and leaking all over. I like when it is so bad it slings off. good story at either rate.

23. Ah, yes, there is just nothing like incestuous pussy! It may be bullshit, but then maybe not. I know for a fact, from experience, that incest DOES happen. A lot of people are really turned off by it and think it is so taboo, but others are equally turned-on by it because it is so taboo. Me, I sort of feel guilty about it, but on the other hand - it was really great sex too. I say, to each there on. Of course, don't let the law get wind of it. What people do in private is really none of the law's damn business. Sexually, I mean. I ain't condoning murder by any means.

24. Number 13, how do you think Adam and eves children made more people? That's right, incest. How do you think their children's children made more people oh that's right, incest. See what I'm getting at? Yeah, incest is fine. No, I'm not fucked up in the head, I'm Christian.

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26. Number 11, I had a very similar experience with my mom.

27. I always want to have sex with my sister and i always tried to see her naked but i couldn't

28. I was 12and) my friend was17:and ever day all summer long we started he being sex I loved to feel,my friends big huh cock in my hand I wish mine was as big as his o loved ducking it even thou I couldn't take it all but I have took it all in my ass and loved it nice big cock in my ads feels good just wish we would have cum in architect I want to try this yet I wan yo know what it feels like to have a good load of hot cum shooting in,my ass if it 18 or 19 and you want to fuck me email at michael19763@gmail. com I live in Cleveland Tennessee or txt me only no call time txt only 423 5993562

29. That happened to me but my brother asked me if he could squeeze my boobs w- a bra for $200 and a week later asked the same thing but without a bra and 1,000

30. Why u nasty little fuck.get help that's your sister u nasty bitch.what? U can't get girlfriend?. Or are u to stupid to get one.get real that's your family.

31. Me and my sister fuck at night and day. I play with my dog have the time. One day my step mom came in when I was changing and then my dad came home and he had this meeting to go to and I fucked my stepmom. Then my sister put her pusse on my face and I ate her out the hole time. Then she called one of her friend over and she made me fuck her hardcore. We fucked so long my dick was red. She said she would do this again some time. So she gave me her number and she sent me nudes and my step mom walks in my room naked and she let's me play with her and stuff like that!!??????

32. I love to fuck your your sister number

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