When me and my husband go to my parents' house for a dinner or BBQ or some boring family function I take my hubby to my father's woodshop behind the garage and suck his dick. First time it was kinda spontaneous and exciting, of course. Then it became kind of a "thank you" to him for putting up with my family. But now, well the last three times, i suck his dick and make sure when he shoots i hold as much cum as possible, without swallowing. Which can be hard to do with him. Then I walk back into the house with my mouth full of cum and I make it a kinda contest to see how long I can hold it before I swallow. And it's SO HOT!!! I look my brother right in the eye, look my dad right in the eye, look at my mother and whoever else I can find right in the eye and I think if they only knew MY MOUTH IS FULL OF CUM. It's such a freakin' hot feeling. Each time I've gotten wet, and hubby usually fingers me or watches me do myself on the drive home. I know I could never bring myself to do it, but when my sister comes home from school this summer I want to show her my cum-filled mouth before I swallow. Or maybe just walk right back into the house with cum all over my face. This turns me on just thinking about it. But I don't hate my family or anything. It's just kinky, but no one is getting hurt or ashamed or anything. Anybody else ever do something like this? I can't be the only one.

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1. You are the only one. suck and fuck all your relatives

2. I have a cum fetish, does that count?

3. I think your discusting there is a certian respect you give your family and how you would ever want to mix sex and family members is beyond me.

4. Hey babe, don't let anyone put you down. You're not hurting anyone, and you and your husband are getting off on it, so go for it. Maybe you could let just a little dribble out in front of them before you swallow?

5. That doesnt sound disgusting at all; thats actually very sexy that nobody knows you have cum in your mouth:)

6. I think you should show it to them. Just tell them it's the gravy.

7. I think thats hilarious. #4 is right, don't let anyone put you down. and #6 hahaha gravy.

8. I know this is annonoymous and all, but will you freakin marry me? That is one of the hottest, naghtiest things I have ever heard...and I love you for it.

9. How about you take it one step further & time it so you blow him just before the BBQ breaks up. Swallow the cum just before you hug & kiss everyone good-bye. Make sure you exhale every time you're close to someone & give them a whiff of your cum breath.

10. How about you take it one step further & time it so you blow him just before the BBQ breaks up. Swallow the cum just before you hug & kiss everyone good-bye. Make sure you exhale every time you're close to someone & give them a whiff of your cum breath. And to further enhance your perverted minds Please repeat this function at the next gathering at his families function

11. My mom in law sucks me off round at her house then lets me finger her pussy. I go home with my wife with my mommy in laws smell on my fingers.

12. U should get a load from ur dad too and swallow it in front of ur mum

13. Im a girl and what the fuck all u guys saying shes skank, it aint like shes fucking her brother or dad like some of the incestuous scum on here, shes tryna reward her man for going to the in-laws which we all know they dont really want to! ive actuali dont something similar but with my bfs friends but one of em talked to me and i swallowed and then everyone sort of relised i had cum on my chin, it turns out my bf knew and hadnt sed anything, we all had a pretty good laugh about it :D

14. Disgusting or not,I got 4 words:HARD AS A ROCK!

15. Sounds hot. Maybe you use some cum to wet your lips? :)

16. Very sexy! this turned me on...my wife n i may try this one day

17. You go girl...whatever you and hubby fancy...it is between you two and I think that's wondefull that you guys can share this. More married people should try and do something way out kinky. The divorce rate will drop definitly

18. You would be the girl of my dreams!

19. I used to fuck my ex wife on her parent's couch while they were in their bedroom, which was only about 10 feet away. That was fun.

20. Share your mouthful of cum with your sister

21. You should kiss your brother. And give him some cum in his mouth. Then tell him you want to suck his cock for him too.

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