When I was 21 years old, I got married to a 32 year old woman. We had the greatest sex imaginable, she loved it when I literally sprayed her face and hair. (She had 38 triple D's, so almost every encounter ended with me tit-screwing her, so you get the picture.) I loved this woman, and it took me 10 years to get over her after we got divorced, which was a short three or four years after we were married. That's why I feel so bad about my obsession with her sixteen year old daughter. She was very beautiful, well developed, and only five years younger than myself.

Shortly after we were married, her daughter began semi-flirting around with me. I kind of got the impression that she had done this with her mom's previous boyfriends, judging from a couple of phone calls I overheard her making. I took it to mean that she was trying to split her mother and I up, since she was probably distraught over not having her real father around.

Anyway, we eventually did start to like each other, especially after I started working third shift, then her mom would leave for work, and she was at home during the summer. By that time, her mom and I had a baby boy, and she would help with babysitting while I slept. The only thing was, I started staying up in the morning whenever she got up to take care of the baby when I was supposed to be sleeping. We bonded in a way, keeping things from her mother such as the fact that she smoked cigarettes, and that (her words, not mine) she used to walk around the house in panties all the time, until I came on the scene. Well, I wore underwear around her all the time and she wore the tiniest little panties around as well when we were around each other, but neither of us said a word to her mom about it, and of course we never did it when her mom was around.

Nothing ever really happened between us, but there are a few confessions here to make, so I'll relay them to the confessionjunkie readers here and now.

Whenever my stepdaughter wasn't at home, and I was alone in the house, I would rifle through the dirty clothes hamper and find her best smelling panties. The ones that were TOO smelly, I didn't like but most of the time her panties smelled absolutely wonderful. I've smelled plenty of women's panties before, but hers were the absolute best, and that's no lie. They smelled sweet, and the mere whiff of the crotch made my penis swell.

Anyway, there were numerous times where I shot my load on them, and I also found a one piece lingerie item in her drawers that I'm sure her mother wasn't supposed to find, and I'll bet I must have spewed on it about a hundred times. She never washed it, and I'm absolutely certain that she knew what those stains were.

Then came the ultimate thing that I did, that I am not proud of but that I did nonetheless. Many times, I had gone into her room while she was asleep, and was able to feel her ass and tits while she slept. I only did it when I was sure that she was exhausted from either work or partying (she was a typical 16 year old, but by this time she was 17 year old girl).

One Friday night while her mom was sleeping in HER room with the door shut, I was on the couch, and I heard her daughter come in, rather late. I pretended to be asleep, and I waited for her to hit the sack. I could tell that the had probably been drinking, and shoot, I had been drinking some myself. But first, some background.
I had masturbated over her before while she slept, but I never had the courage or the guts to shoot off on her because obviously I'd probably get caught, because even though we had prior history of kinda semi flirting with each other, I never knew if she would tell on me or not. So I would always chicken out and squirt into my hand or whhatever. So back to the story.
Well, she sure did crash out pretty deeply. I waited about 20 minutes, and although usually she would shut her door before going to sleep, this time she didn't take a shower, didn't close her door, and pretty much immediately was snoring, so I knew that she was either exhausted or kinda effed up, one or the two.
So, I crept into her room and started jerking off over her head. This time, I thought, I wasn't going to chicken out and cum inside my hand. Obviously, I couldn't cum on her body because she would undoubtedly wake up, so I targeted her hair. I swear, it didn't take no more than 30 strokes before I was ready to unload, and I had a big one.
Spurt after spurt, the ropes of cum crisscrossed her hair, and this time I was bound and determined not to quit until I shook the last drops from my cockhead.
So, everything was cool. She didn't wake up, and I was safely back in bed.
Two or three minutes later, she woke up, went to the bathroom, and CUT ON THE LIGHT! She NEVER did that before. She would always pee in the dark withought cutting the light on, but this time was different. I'm absolutely positive that she must have seen all the cum in her hair, but nothing was ever said.

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